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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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End Times Mt 24-25

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The order of the end according to Jesus in Matthew 24-25; Luke 21:10-28

I.            Stage 1 - Beginning of birth pangs (Mt 24:8)

1.    People will rise claiming they are the Christ and false prophets in order to lead people astray (Mt 24:5)

2.    Wars and rumors of wars (Mt 24:6) – nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom (Mt 24:7; Luke 21:10)

3.    Famine and earthquakes in various places (Mt 24:7) Luke 21:11 adds pestilence(disease)

II.            Stage 2  

1.    Delivered up to tribulation and put to death and hated by all nations for Jesus’ sake (Mt 24:9); Delivered by parents, brothers, relatives, friends, some put to death (Luke 21:12,16-17)

2.    Many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another (Mt 24:10)

3.    False prophets and teachers will arise with signs and wonders leading many astray (Mt 24:11,24)

4.    Lawlessness with increase leading the love of many to grow cold (hardened)(Mt 12)

5.    The gospel will be preached throughout the whole world (Mt 24:14)

III.            Stage 3 - The end will come…(Mt 24:13)

1.    The abomination of desolation (Mt 24:15; Luke 21:20; Dan 9:27,11:31,12:11)

2.    Great Tribulation – the worst tribulation in all of history (Mt 24:21)

IV.            Stage 4 Mt 24:29

1.    Sun and moon will be darkened, roaring of the seas. The stars will fall from heaven and the powers of heaven will be shaken (Mt 24:29; Luke 21:11,25)

V.            Stage 5 - The coming of Jesus

1.    Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens and will appear in the clouds with power and great glory  (Mt 24:30; Luke 21:27)

2.    Jesus will send out His angels, the trumpet will sound and He will gather the elect from the four corners of the universe(Mt 24:31)

VI.            Stage 6 – Judgement, separating sheep and goats (Mt 25:31-46)